Charities/Alms List

As well as meeting our Diocesan share, St. Barnabas also strives to be an outgoing church in terms of charitable giving. The Church mission society which we have supported for many years is USPG, with a particular link with Teule Hospital in Muheza, Tanzania. Every month has its allocated charity (see list below for this year), with a separate alms bowl put out for donations. A door-to-door collection is made during Christian Aid Week - and the response of many of our Muslim, Hindu and Sikh brothers and sisters is often most generous. One-off collections and petitions are organised for particular concerns. Donations of basic foodstuffs are presented at the Eucharist each Sunday, to be taken to the local Refugee and Migrants Project RAMP  (RAMP WEBSITE).


Alms List

Click here for Sunday Alms Charities for 2018



After church each Sunday, and on the last Saturday morning of each month, 9-11 a.m., there is a Fair Trade stall, stocking everything from chocolate and coffee to pasta and tissues. Traidcraft  http://www.traidcraft.co.uk/  catalogues  also available for individual orders. For further information please contact Mary Forse.


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